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System Overview
1. Project Overview

The Revenue Department of the Government of Maharashtra had been endeavouring to set up a monitoring system in the State for various revenue sources of the Department. It was pertinent not only for revenue growth but also for improving the service delivery and attaining the development goals of the Department. This initiative aids the Department in making a reasonable advancement in terms of maintaining a database related to minerals, registered agencies, lease period, renewals, tracking and monitoring the movement of minerals, payment processes, recovery procedures, and so on.

For decades, the processes were handled manually which resulted in delay in monitoring and reporting. In addition, there was no system for end-to-end tracking of minor minerals from quarry till the destination. Therefore, it was tough for the Department to keep track of the actual quantity of minerals excavated.

Owing to aforementioned issues, Revenue Department took the step to deploy integrated IT enabled process for monitoring all Minor Minerals in the state of Maharashtra such as Limestone and Lime Shell, Laterite Stone, Murum, Chalcedony Pebbles, Ordinary Sand, Mangalore Tile Clay, Soil, Slate and Shale, Brick Clay, Bentonite, Decorative Stones, Agate, Corundum, Dolomite, Feldspar, Fireclay, Laterite, Mica, Pyrophyllite, Quartz, Quartzite, Shale, Silica Sand, and China Clay.

Security features of transport permit are introduced to avoid illegal activities as

1.2.1  Unique Barcode

1.2.2  Unique QR code

1.2.3  Invisible ink mark – only visible in UV light

1.2.4  Fugitive ink background

1.2.5  Revenue Department Watermark

1.2.6  VOID Pantograph – if photocopied, shows VOID mark

1.2.7  Printed on IBA approved MICR paper.

2. System Overview

mahakhanij system is a web-based solution having interface with Android and iOS applications. Entire data of mining activity is stored in a central cloud server and is available to all stakeholders across the state.

The mahakhanij System is having below modules:

  • e-Tendering and e-Auction of Plots/Quarries
  • Demand Note Generation, Payment Collections and Reconciliation
  • Master Entity Registration and Allotment
  • e-TP Generation module
  • Monitoring
  • Mineral Vehicle Tracking System
  • Analysis and Reports
  • Facility to load proposals with estimated values in terms of quantity and money value of foreseen plot across state
  • Approvals of proposals and Packaging for tendering can be done
  • Publishing auction dates and real time auctioning in secured environment will be done
  • Collection of tender fees, registration fees and EMD are processed
  • Bid winner / Lessee will get login credentials of mahakhanij Portal
  • Lessee will get access to demand note in which he will be able to see Royalty, DMF, TCS, GST, Surface Rent, various other local body taxes and SI charges.
  • Lessee is allowed to pay against the quantity for Royalty payment (mahakhanij and GRAS integration) and other payment (DMF and other payments collection).
  • In case of existing quarries, lessee is allowed to pay for additional quantity approved after assessment of the quarry by authorities.
  • All Quarries / secondary units and their lease holders are registered on mahakhanij portal and stored on the GCC.
  • Geo-fencing of all the Quarries / secondary units will be done.
  • Order registration is done after e-auctioning process. The details of mineral allocated quantity, order validity and order number are registered.
  • Issue of eTPs (Receipts) equivalent to allocated quantity to each lease holder. These TPs are bar-coded and their barcodes gets registered on server in the name of particular Quarries / secondary units before issuing to any lease holder.
  • Lease holder can create supervisors and assign each Quarries / secondary units for issuing of eTPs to vehicles.
  • Registered supervisors are provided with mobile application (android/iOS), through which he can generate the e-TP.

All mineral transporting vehicles must be registered on mahakhanij platform for generation of e-TP.

  • Vehicle is loaded with minerals and details like vehicle no., source & destination, quarry name, mineral, quantity are entered on eTP App form, scanned barcode on physical TP and passed this TP data on server.
  • On server passed data is validated and generates an unique e-TP number.
  • The validity period based on the distance between source and destination is calculated and displayed on mobile app.
  • This validity time and eTP no. will be written on physical TP by supervisor.
  • This physical paper based TP shall be handed over to vehicle driver which shall be produced as and when any officer intercept vehicle and ask for the same.
  • Lease holders / supervisors can generate e-TP by the three different ways, using,
    1. Web-Portal
    2. Mobile Application
    3. SMS
  • Monitoring is done by Revenue, Police and RTO Staff. All these departments govern illegal mineral movement through the Rules and Regulations and laws concerning their department. The Department officer are provided with Mobile application (android and iOS), which have access to mahakhanij Portal based on his area of authority. This app have user levels like State, Division, District and Tehsil levels.
  • Mobile application (android and iOS) can track reports about daily lifting, monitoring performance, illegal vehicles found, fine details etc.
  • Whenever any officer intercepts any Mineral transporting vehicle, he can check its validity by scanning the barcode on the receipt, by entering e-TP Number or just by entering vehicle number in the Mobile (Android/iOS) application.
  • Officer gets all details of Mineral transporting vehicle on his mobile application. Vehicle intercepted location, details of officer with GPS location gets captured on server.
  • GIS mapping and drone surveillance add new edge to monitoring.
  • Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) for Monitoring and Surveillance of Mineral Transport vehicle is created
  • Live tracking and movement of registered (in mahakhanij portal) vehicles transporting minerals in the State of Maharashtra from source to destination as per e-TP.
  • Tracking of mineral transporting vehicles to prevent activities like route deviation, illegal mining by tracking real time as well as historic vehicle location data.
  • Ensuring that the mineral is offloaded / delivered at the designated purchaser’s location and as per the destination given in e-TP.
  • Increased transparency in mining and its logistics activities.
  • Ease of investigation in matters illegal utilization of vehicles, dumping of mineral at non-designated locations, tracking of route etc.
  • Vehicle carrying valid e-TP will be displayed as Green, while path of vehicle with invalid TP displayed as Red and the path of vehicle which has unloaded sand will be seen in orange.
  • State wide mining monitoring personalized centralized information dashboard is created for real-time monitoring and show various performance indicators on an easy to navigate configurable & customizable GUI. Real time alert generation of illegal activity can be tracked.
  • All reports gets generated such as Invalid vehicle report, Vehicle interception report, daily lifting report, officers performance reports etc.
  • All activities happening in the field can be tracked real-time through the mahakhanij Portal
  • There is different level of users, such as District Level user, Division level user and state level user. Each user can see reports as per his/her jurisdiction.